Our Causes


Grassroots Support of law enforcement

The men and women of professional law enforcement should be appropriately selected and paid, well trained and equipped, and motivated by experienced and principled leaders. Law enforcement activities should have maximum transparency and accountability. Building and maintaining trust between law enforcement and the community should be a priority. 


Respect for second amendment rights 

We support strong and effective enforcement of gun crimes, particularly those involving felons who possess or use weapons while committing crimes. We also support vigorous enforcement of existing laws and we oppose legislation that would disarm law-abiding citizens, or limit their constitutional right to possess and carry a weapon. 


pursuit of criminal justice reform

A responsible, equitable criminal justice system should seek to keep innocent people safe while working to reform and rehabilitate offenders. That system judiciously and fairly incarcerates violent and dangerous offenders within a transparent framework that is balanced and provides appropriate opportunities for redemption and reentry to society. 


respect for national sovereignty and integrity

Clearly defined and effectively controlled borders, together with a clear process for those desiring to enter the U.S. are fundamental to our sovereignty, as is excluding those who are here illegally. We reject the legitimacy of Sanctuary Cities, and support legislation such as Kate's Law


support for the rule of law

The principles of our Constitution and Bill of Rights should apply fairly to all. The three branches of government all play a critical role in the balance of power in establishing effective, enduring laws which have the support of the electorate.