The Law Enforcement Action Network defends our protectors – America’s professional law enforcement officers.

Day and night, over 750,000 sworn officers and deputies work to keep America secure.  They are the front line of the rule of law.  Your support of LEAN helps us generate surveys, petitions and other indicators of public support for their sacrifice.  Our grassroots efforts are used to influence lawmakers and public officials to stand with the police while we push back against misguided and misleading media reports that undermine confidence in one of America’s most trusted institutions – law enforcement.

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Your donation will support our work in defeating false narratives and misleading information that undermines trust of law enforcement.  Your responses to our surveys and petitions will be aggregated and provided to our highest elected officials as an indicator of strong public support for law enforcement and important law enforcement causes.


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LEAN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit focused on five core mission areas: fundamental support for law enforcement, respect for the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans, pursuit of responsible criminal justice reform, respect for America’s national sovereignty and integrity through strong border enforcement and common sense immigration enforcement, and support for the rule of law in our nation.

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For more information about LEAN’s board of directors, policies and practices, or financial information, feel free to reach out.