Support for the Rule of Law


The principles and protections of our Constitution and Bill of Rights should apply fairly to all citizens and lawful visitors to the United States.

The three branches of government all play a critical role in the balance of power in establishing effective, enduring laws which have the support of the electorate. 

We oppose capricious and unilateral executive actions that ignore the will of the people and that hold in contempt the delicate balance envisioned by the Constitution. 

LEAN supports the nomination and confirmation of jurists who have demonstrated clear understanding of the intent of the Framers; we oppose "activist" judges who drive toward politically-oriented results framed by political correctness and misguided liberal causes.

We also stand for the proposition that law enforcement officers, like any other citizens, are fully entitled to the presumption of innocence, due process of the law, and fair hearings when political winds whip up sentiments against them for actions in the execution of their duties.

We stand with the men and women of law enforcement who are the thin blue line, often separating those who respect the law from the forces of hatred, division, and anarchy.